October Update of My Lean Journey

7lb loss for October which isn’t bad for saying that I had a weeks all inclusive holiday in the middle of it. I am following the Joe Wicks 90 SSS Plan.  The hardest diet I have ever done. Here are a few of my Cycle 1 meals.        

Sh#t & Giggles Awesome Weekend

Well I started my weekend with Hot Yoga.  Not kinky Yoga but 40 degree Yoga.  It was hot.  damned hot.  Sweat, sweat, sweat and a constant feeling of wanted to lie down and go to sleep not stick my bum in the air. After we headed for West Park Long Eaton for a spooky Halloween…

London Marathon

My journey for 2017 is all about running the London Marathon. I didn’t get a ballot place so I have chosen to run for MACS. MACS was formed in 1993, by a group of parents, all of whom have children with Microphthalmia (small eyes), Anophthalmia (no eyes) and Coloboma (a cleft in the eye). They…

Alcoholic Athlete. …. Why???

Nooooo! I’m not a alcoholic.  I just have an over enthusiastic love of wine that hinders my weight loss and running. Time to knock it on the head and get to grips with my training plan. I started my journey in 2012 I was very over weight but I found my love of running, became…

My Plan of Action – 90 DAY SSS

I am following Joe Wicks Plan 90 Day SSS which is basically a low carb diet unless you exercise in which case you have a high carb meal. It is accompanied by an excercise plan. It has 3 cycles. I am currently undertaking cycle 1. The Body Coach.

Great North Run 2016

  Headed up to Newcastle on a sunny September weekend with my bestie Caroline. This is Great North Run weekend prepared. I am running for Ben 401 Challenge Charity (previous blogs) or check out his website: Ben 401   I love this guy. Met up with fellow Jog Oakwooders along the way. Met up with Big Pink Dress…

Ben 401 Challenge

Had the pleasure of running with Ben in Chesterfield. Ben has run 401 marathons in 401 days raising money for charity. Ben 401 Challenge Website.

Juicy Oasis

Juicy Oasis is my favourite place in the whole wide world.  I visited this juicing retreat in July 2016.  Lost 10lbs while there.  1mweek with no alcohol (see I’m not an alcoholic) or no food. Made some wonderful friends. Juicy Oasis Website.