Teetotality, Life Changes and Stuff

Its been a while since I updated this blog.    Well what’s happening with me.  Well I admitted I was powerless over alcohol.    A significant step for me.  I originally created this blog several years ago knowing that I was a heavy drinker.  A heavy drinker with a yearning to be an athlete.  Since then I have realised that the levels that I was drinking were severely unhealthy and that I had to stop.  So that’s it since January 2018 I have barely touched a drop.

I have dropped 2.5 stone, gained a spiritual lifestyle. I follow an amazing programme. Left a 25 year unhappy marriage. Left the marital home. I am now on my way to becoming an athlete.


I still have 2 or 3 stone weight loss to go. The goal is in site. Nearer than it has ever been in my adult life. Check out the skinny pins on the picture above. Well skinny for me that has had tree trunks most my life.


The challenge is on. I have a new life to embrace and finally get to goal.


I’m giving myself 6 month. I will chart the journey on this blog.


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