Quit Fannying Around and Get Fit for Fifty


It is stark reality that the big 50 is looming ever closer.  I started my fitness journey over 5 years ago in February 2012 visiting Fitfarms Bootcamp to give my 20 something stone butt a kick up the ass.   It did the trick.  5 years later I’m still at it.  2 full marathons and several half marathons later as well as triathlons.   Well in July I visited the lovely Jog On Fatty’s Beginners Bootcamp in Manchester.  6 hours of exercise during the day and a meal with the crew in the evening.  I admitted to Kirky (aka Jog on Fatty) the I felt a bit of a fraud because I was not a beginner 😲  Kirky said “Don’t worry you are still classed as a beginner 😮”  Feck me!  She’s right.  What have I been doing these five years.  I’ve been going through a cycle of booking a challenge.  Going hell for leather into it and then letting life take over.   Then back to square one.  Well not quite square one but not progressing as much as I’d like.

“Still a beginner” Cheeky Mare ( l luvs you Kirky) it’s got me thinking 🤔.

I’m going to do this for my fifth.  Be the person I want to be before I’m the big 50.  The before and after shot I use is 3 years old 😵

Sooooooo … London Marathon 2018 I’m coming to get you.  I have my place.  I still have unfinished business as this year I helped my amazing blind friend runner Netty around to the finish with her guide Sheena after she fell at 6 miles.  We’ve since found out she fractured her pelvis in several places during the fall.

I’m going to complete my personal training course.

I also going to become a Beachbody Coach.  I’m going to be setting lots of challenges in the months to come,  I’m so excited by this.

Watch this space.


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