Saying Goodbye

This week has been one of the hardest weeks of my life.  I said goodbye to JD my big, beautiful Pyrenean Moutain Dog that had been part of my family for 12 years.

I left the Big Girls Journey to Lean seminar last Sunday without a worry in the world.  A big giddy and fired up to get back on the weight loss journey.  Then I got home to a very sick dog.  One a few hours later had completely lost the use of her back legs.

I stayed up through the night with her watching her sleep and crying when she was awake, her and me.

In the morning I made the call to the vet to request a home visit hoping that by some miracle the vet had some magic medicine to make her stand again.  The  Vet couldn’t get until lunch time.  As the hours went by it became clear that there was no way out of this.  She could lift her head but could not move her back legs.  The only time she was happy and contented was when I was gently stroking her head.  I’d already put her lead on and opened the front door in the hope that this stir her in to action to get up.  She didn’t.  At that point I knew I had a difficult task ahead.  The vet, nurse and my 21 year old daughter arrived.   It was time to say goodbye.    She knew nothing, she just drifted in to everlasting sleep.  Love ❤️ You JD.  I will never forget you my beautiful Polar Bear.



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