Day 1 of 7 – The Angry Juicer

Waited until 12 noon for Juicy Tesco shop to arrive by which time I was over due 2 juices and by the time Id finished 1 more.  Ooh don’t you just love a Juicy shop.  The vibrancy and the colour.


So I made my first juice.  Super Juice.
IMG_2500.PNGNow this baby is why I love juicing.  This is appe juice.  It fresh, it’s alive.  Not that brown muck we normally see as apple juice.  That brown stuff is so pasteurised and processed.


Next, juices for the rest of the day.

What I have learned to:

1.  I much prefer soone to make my juices for me.  2 hours in kitchen to make my days juices.

2.  I’m going to gave to get up early tomorrow.

3.  I prefer sitting in the Portuguese sunshine sipping juice

4.  The Retro slow juicer has a reverse button.  I was just googling trying to work out why it swas randomly shit at juicing.

5.  I’m effing starving after all that juicing

6.  Wine is not juice.

7.  How the eck am I going to last 7 days.


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