Argh .. Pressing the Self Destruct Button

What is happening to me.  I’ve been pressing the self destruct button in in danger of undoing all the good.

I’ve had persistent fluey virus ever since coming back from Portugal.  It’s made me feel washed out.  I’ve been trying to maintain my running in attempt to keep up the marathon training but admitting defeat.  But running in the rain and cold when suffering is probably not the best thing.  I’ve also craved crap food this week and super indulged.  Spent a day in bed feeling sorry for myself watching catch up TV but I’ve also given myself a good talking to.  I’ve just done a Tesco shop and will be doing a 7 day juice challenge starting tomorrow. I almost can’t wait to start.

I also want to prove to myself that it’s not the juicing that’s made me feel bad but coming back to this shit weather.

Look forward to my food delivery tomorrow and charting the next 7 days.






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