Day 9 – Resting Heart Rate

Day 9 already and today was another chill day.  Getting used to the newbies and the itinerary doesn’t really spring in to action until tomorrow.  Bit of Yoga, Rebounding and a bit more Yoga.

I have two main NSV (non scale victories) from this retreat.

1)  I can do a thigh stretch without clinging to a wall.  Wish I had taken a picture today but will so try and take one tomorrow.

2) Resting Heart Rate.  OMG I so cannot get over this.  My scales tell me heart rate,  I have a blood pressure monitor and now a Fitbit all telling me my heart rate.  So for last 6 months of monitoring it’s been in the 80’s ave of 84 BPM.  This week lower 60’s even in the 50’s.  I am so shocked by this.  I know now that I have to build this in to my life style permanently.


Here’s a few random pics from last few days.  Here we had just been nearly wiped out by an articulated lorry.  As you do.


Yesterdays walk to Dornes Village.


In Dornes public toilets admiring my new belly.


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