Day 8 – No Food Day

Saturday is here and what does that mean.  Well apart from changing over day so lots of friends going home and newbies arrive it also means the cafe is open.  I have been dreaming of food for several days.  Picked my meal.  Goats cheese salad with hummus and crudités. Ate it several times over in my mind.  Well an old hand at stopping at juicy 2 weeks lent over to me an Lizzy and said “can I offer a word of advice” … “go on” … “don’t have food tomorrow, continue juicing”. “Nooooooooooooooooooo” I want to cover my ears.  I can’t be hearing this nonsense.

I conjatated and contemplated and thought I think he may be right.  So here I sit Saturday night.  Only juice and soup has passed my lips.

This is what I could have won.  Copied this off Vicky Pattisons twitter page.  This is why she had today after our 10k hike.


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