Day 7 – Possible is Everything

Nearly the first week over and already saying goodbye to the first week residents.  This is sooo sad made some good friends.

I had pondered the T Shirts here, even when I came here 6 months ago, that had the slogan “Possible is Everything’ .  Surely it should be “Everything is Possible”.  Today Jason gave the going home talk.

He is an incredibly funny man and had us all howling with his stories. The story that struck me the most was the one about Superman, namely Christoper Reeve.  He recounted the story how he listened to Christopher’s book “Still Me”. Christopher was paralysed I years and became a quadriplegic.  Jason was listening to his Audible of the book. Christopher was determined to walk again but never did before he died.  Christopher had said that the most insulting thing that anyone can do is to have a huge body and not move it.  He would anything to swap a 600lb body.  One that couldn’t move because on Day 1 he’d move an hand, day to the other, then then arms, then the legs and eventually, it may take several years, he would be back to normal.  😢 Not everything is possible.  You can’t touch the sun.  Christopher always believed that possible is everything.  Gulp.  Lump in thoat.

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