Day 6 – Howl at the Moon

🌙 What better thing to do on an evening of a full to have a Full Moon 🌕 Party.  Well not quite a party but we a small gathering, dressed in our robes to celebrate the glorious light of the moon.  The evening started with some meditation, receiving the energy of the universe and hmmming in a glorious chant.  We then did Zen Tarot.  I’m not going to say anymore about the Tarot as it will stay in that room.  😌 But probably needed a stiff juice after. 😯

Today started with a walk to the village of Dornes 5k away.  Stunning remote nd deserted village but the views are magnificent.  Here on the left we see Juicy nestled in the corner.  On the right we approach Dornes.

After the walk we made our own juices.  Woo hoo. Carrot zinger for me.  I made this …


We also had pond water.  Also known as wheatgrass but it the fowlest substance known to man.  But we do get to drink if with a piece of orange.  Solid food, solid food. You got to get it while you can 😆


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