Day 5 Wobbly Wednesday

More than half way through the first week.  The days are starting to merge in to one cocooned in our little Oasis apart from the morning mountain walks on today was one of the hottest days since being here.


I am no longer star struck as Jason and Kate (his wife) are part of the furniture and join us on the walks, volley ball, juices and soups and have gotton used to Jason and his photographer taking a section of the villa to film.

Gathering my thoughts, I have done 3 nights without wine 🍷.  Will not sound much for some but for me that has an ingrained habit of drinking the stuff the stuff in the evening . The last time I was here I arrived home about 10pm after my suitcase had gone missing at Heathrow Airport and I boarded the train back to Derby suitcase.  The first thing I did when I got home was crack open a bottle of wine.  I need to devise a strategy not to do this when I return.

I’m not missing food.  Have to odd thought cross my mind about eating but then “puff’ it’s gone.  We are having soup in the evening and that helps.  It’s a real family atmosphere as we gather in the cafe for our huge bowls of the good stuff Tomato and Chilli.  Nom.


For those who don’t know I and my Leesbrook School team were U13 Volley Ball Champions of Derbyshire. I have refound my love of Volley Ball.  Started out a hindrance of the team but now have regained the knack.  Wish I had some pics maybe get some body to take some another day.

Night night all that are reading 💕



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