Day 4 … It’s just a perfect day ..

I want to spend it  you.  I got my wish of meeting “The Man”….the “Juice Master” himself.

I’m really struggling for piccies today as my iPhone is refusing to connect to the internet. Pesky Truman Show people.  I will upload more when it’s playing ball

The day started with Yoga with Kenny the most spiritual person I have ever met.  Lovely sole.  Then a forest walk which was the equivalent to conquering the Andes.  Scaled some heights and today.  Learnt how to Nordic Walk.

Then we had a juicing workshop from Jason.  Started with Jason filming for his 21 day challenge video.  Was excited for it to be filmed here.

Link here:



The afternoon was volley ball with Jason.  No pics 🙃  But my team won.

Coming up to Wobbly Wednesday and I’m certainly feeling the wobble.  Not from my bottom I hasten to add but from the desire to masticate.  No rude comments 😜  My tummy is a little gaseous,  glue glug glug, swirl.  Solid food is just but a memory.

It’s really hard to describe the feeling of being here.  Here in the middle of no where.  Alone.  No other people but us juicers a combination of Juicy staff , Juicy gang with a pletheroe  of minor celebs thrown in.  Described as “being a door opening up to a new world” by a newbie juicer.  A special place  to get in touch with your inner self again.  Each day you see subtle changes in yourself.  A new beginning.  Told you this yoga is having a spiritual affect on me.









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