Day 2 – Colonic Irrigation or No Colonic Irrigation

Much of today’s talk has been about Poo.  I know how to live.  A very qualified lady in Poo gave a talk about Colonic irrigation this morning.  She was scarily excited about the concept of seeing the contents of everyone’s bowels and ensuring everyone fully cleansed.  Well last time I came to Juicy Oasis and up until the talk I was bum clenchingly against it.  Everyone here has it, it seems the norm.  Well it is the norm, I’m the weirdo from not having it done.  She almost convinced me in that I accepted a Poo form to fill in prior to treatment.  However it’s lodged firmly in my handbag.

I was was so excited by the gym induction today now that I am a proper Elaine and going to be fully embracing the gym.

Jason arrives tomorrow.  I’m so excited.  He is my hero.  Sadly I resigned to the fact that GB isn’t going to be here.  But Jason will do.  God I am going to be so star struck for the next 4 days he is going to be with us.


A few pics from today.

Tomorrow – a full on star struck day with my hero


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