Juicy Oasis Road Trip. There’s Gonna Be Tears if Gary Barlow isn’t there 😂

OMG it is upon me.  I have started the road trip to Juicy Oasis.  At Birmingham Airport hotel and fly out stupidly early tomorrow morning.  One night in Lisbon then meet the crew to take me in to the wilderness of Juicy Oasis.  This is my second visit. My first was in July of last year.  This is the most amazing place on the planet.  Leaving the fam and having 2 weeks of me time to focus on getting me healthy.  I blogged about this previously if you want to check it out and I will be blogging through out my stay.

What’s  all this about Gary Barlow.  Well Jason Vale, who owns Juicy Oasis is a celebrity in his own right.  Jason visited Juicy Oasis for 3 week long visits last year.   2 out of the 3 times he bought Gary Barlow with him.  Jason is going to be for the first week I am here.   Hence tears if Gary doesn’t come with him.  I’m also sharing a room with a Stranger.  I can dream can’t I that it will be Gazza.  Deluded.  Gary certainly has enough money to pay for a single room. 😂  Oh and I’ve also asked to share with a female so the chances are minimal but you never know #deludedorwhat 😝


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