PreXmas Boot Camp & Magic Popcorn


This week my work team discovered Tesco finest popcorn.   Had more than my fair share.  They are beautiful and addictive.  But hey something weird is happening every day I’m losing weight.  I have discovered a major diet secret.  Magic Pop Corn.  Yay. 🎉🎉🎉🎉

This week silly season.  Had all my Christmas dos in one week.  Having a major wobble.  The scales have spoken.  I have not discovered magic popcorn.  😥

I need to put an action plan in place before I start to undo all the good I have done.

I have 1 more Crimbo do to do but not next week.

Pre-Xmas Boot Camp put in place.  I am going to join a gym over the road from my work that has a swimming pool.  Swim every day before work.  Insanity class on Monday morning.  Train like a beast.

Bring it on.

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