Plan of Action

Well for that don’t know me I have already lost 5 stones.  Put some back on.  Arghhhh that’s sooo annoying.  Another stone to get back down to my lowest weight.  It’s hard to believe I ever looked like this.

img_1342I could barely walk, never mind run.  So here goes, I have plan.   I am following Joe Wicks SSS plan.  I love it 😍.  I didn’t think I would it’s such a faff.  I love the structure and I love what’s it’s doing to my body.

November .. I’m just concentrating following the plan which includes Hiits and weight lifting.  Running 3/4 times a week including my long run on a Sunday.

December … ahhh December … my nemesis.    I have 3 Christmas Parties booked.  All is not lost.  In comes the Beauty Box.

I ordered this after I’d had a few cocktails in Rhodes. 😍 It will pay for itself. It’s a ladies what Lunch advent calendar. Full of secret beauty products. This is to try and distract me from the craziness of December. If I have a drink I can’t open the box for that day. I’m hoping that keeps me on the straight and narrow through December.

January … oooh January …detox month. Well this is a detox and a half. I am going back to Juicy Oasis. My favourite place in the whole wide world.  It is, it is truly amazing.  2 weeks of juicing and an almost tee total January 2017.  2017 bring it on.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow well done lady!! The detox looks amazing zxxxx


  2. Amy says:

    Well done on your loss so far! Here is to your 2017!! Xx


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