Why I didn’t Run the Derby 10 Mile Race Today

Well I got kitted up the morning of the race.  Adorning my Rhodes for Life T Shirt.  Rhodes for Life is a bit like Race for Life and takes place today with my friend Louise running it with her dog Molly.  I bought a charity T Shirt to wear on the Derby 10 mile on same day.



I have been apprehensive for weeks.  A lot goes through your head when you are a slow runner.  Previous race results have to be analysed, cut off times analysed, participants analysed … is there anyone I can run with,  is there anyone slower than me.  Of course this is the first time Derby 10 mile race has been held so nothing to compare for previous races.

I don’t actually care about being last.  Someone has to.  You have to start somewhere.

I started running in 2014 and a spate of coming last in races.  It was normal … I got better.

Derby 10k 2015 , I’m second on the page.   A slowish time.  But a good 50 people finished after me.  I am no longer last.  Yeah!



Well 2015 turned in to the year from hell after a business venture went wrong and I ended up deeply stressed and as a result my training and healthy eating took a back seat.  Stupid really, as that is the main thing that helps with stress.  Anyhow it was done.  I ousted the business venture and stress levels returned to normal the following April.  The damage was done.

Derby 10k 2016


I physically came last.  Although by chip time I didn’t.  I wouldn’t have even finished if it wasn’t for my good friend Sheena she forego her own race to run round and support me for which Im truly grateful.

The feeling of physically coming last hurt like hell though after progressing so much.

Was it a cop out?  Yeah probably.  I’m disappointed in myself but just couldn’t face being last again.  I went and watched the race taking my number with me just in case.

Never judge a slow runner.  It takes a lot to do it.  Like Julie Creffield of “Too fat to run” fame.  I hear comments from the crowd .. ‘what the f@ck was that’  …’they let all types do this race’  although to be fair most people are supportive.  I even had one lady at Great North Run burst in to tears when she saw me running which I thought a little odd.

It’s made me more determined to get my pace up.  Derby 10k 2017 I’m coming to get you.   BUT I HAVE DONE WITH BEING LAST.






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